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When studying for a class or preparing a research project, students can utilize services in the Henry Madden Library that provide more than just books.

According to the Henry Madden Library website, the library physically contains more than one million books and is the largest academic library between Sacramento and Los Angeles. The library has subscriptions to over 60,000 online journals, magazines and newspapers, and access to a large collection of electronic books.

However, at times it’s more efficient for students to study more than what books can provide. The library offers services relating to subjects such as teaching preparation resources, political and government information, research and archives.

One department in the library is the “Music and Media Collection” located on the third floor. The collection contains approximately 22,000 CDs ranging from Western art music, jazz, musical comedy, popular music and cultural music. The collection also contains spoken recordings including poetry, plays and speeches.

Business major Dallas Kimbler is enrolled in a music class that requires her to listen to music clips outside of class.

“My professor assigned certain songs for us to study, which are available at the music collection in the library,” Kimbler said.

Kimbler is able to rent the CDs she needs for her class and can return them when she is finished, similar to checking out a book. CDs can be checked out for up to seven days.

Also available for check out is the media collection, which contains more than 7,000 videos, in both video home system and digital videodisc format. There are also 12 iMac computers available in the media department: eight for general student use and four in a media room containing specialized graphic design software.

Computer graphic design major Houa Yang is a student assistant at the Music and Media Collection center. Yang is able to learn about the media software on the iMacs and helps other students who are learning about the same products.

“The media room has computers that students can use for art and computer graphic media,” Yang said.

The iMac computers consist of programs that are not found on general computers, and can be expensive for students to purchase for themselves.

For students who would like to utilize extra services in the library, but are unsure where to start, the website contains a “Need help? Ask!” button located on the library homepage.

The ask button provides students the opportunity to communicate with the references department of the library to receive information about library services, including instant messaging, e-mail addresses and text messaging.

“The library has many services, but this encapsulates what we want to achieve as references,” Allison Cowgill, head of reference for the library, said.

Cowgill said that each academic department throughout the university has a designated librarian, which can be viewed on the website. Every student on campus can find help for any assignment by contacting one of the assigned librarians.

There are services throughout the library that can benefit students in any major or field of study. While some aspects of the library can be more obvious than others, such as the presence of books, there are many services that students are unaware of.

Cowgill said that the best way for students to take advantage of the extra opportunities in the library is for them to seek guidance from their designated librarian to see what is offered.

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