Collegian staff sounds off on Kate’s dress

Because it’s the wedding of the century

Maddie (A&E): Traditional white wedding dress with a long train and veil, semi-low back, bow in the back, completely plain (no lace, beading, or rhinestones), with long sleeves and a high neckline. The veil will be all tull. She’ll of course wear a tiara.

Tony (EIC): Red polka dots.

Ben (Sports): Meat dress.

Frank (Videographer): A renaissance-style dress designed by Sophie Cranston.

Daisy (Advertising): Fitted, white, long train, super long, lots of diamonds, diamond choker, lots of jewelry, and shiny silk.

Shadia (Advertising): Poofy white skirt, long train, strapless.

Dana (News): White, sapphires weaved into train, which will be 20 feet long, empire waist, crew neckline, satin, sleeveless.

Anthony (Accounting): Same color as Lady Diana’s dress.

Michael (Graphics): White.

Cory (Art): Similar to Lady Diana’s.

Joel (Advertising): White, sleeves, modern with lace, designed by Oscar de la Renta, no rhinestones.

Vongni (Copy): Strapless, no veil, long train, gorgeous necklace.

Allie (Online): Will be beige, with a long train, feathers, and strapless neckline.

Luke (Writer): Strapless, light material, flowy, horizontal stripes, pattern of British flag.

Rachel (Online): 10-foot train, long sleeves with mesh on sweetheart neckline, lots of embellishment (pearls and diamonds), ivory, cloak, tiara veil, glass slippers.

Mike (Webmaster): Don’t care.

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