Aug 13, 2020

Around the room

How will The Collegian’s editors spend spring break and Easter Sunday?

Editor in Chief Tony Petersen:I will be going to the beach for a few days with my girlfriend’s family, and likely spending the rest of my break writing and researching for an essay. Good ol’ Dr. Becker!

News Editor Dana Hull: I’m going to Hermosa Beach and doing nothing but basking in the sun all week. Time to let the stress melt away so I can tackle the rest of the semester.

Features Editor Janessa Tyler: I’m going on a four-day Las Vegas adventure starting this Friday with my sister and several friends. It’s time to let loose before graduation next month!

Sports Editor Ben Ingersoll: I’m going to take my recently turned 21-year-old privileges to San Diego with three friends. What happens there stays there.

Arts & Entertainment Editor Maddie Shannon: I plan on working on a couple of class projects, as well as the fabulous Fashion Insert running in the Wednesday, April 27 issue of The Collegian.

Opinion Editor Danielle Gilbert:Chillin’ poolside with friends, a book, a beer, BBQ and the sound of The Essential Paul Simon Collection playing in the background. Why? Because I am going to see Paul Simon in concert at the Fox Theatre in Oakland baby!

Photo Editor Matt Weir: Go home and play with my dog.

Copy Editor Vongni Yang:
I’m taking a camping trip with some friends to the Central Coast. I’ll do some fishing, relax and enjoy my last college spring break.

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