May 27, 2020


Selena Farnesi

I am the best candidate for president because I have new ideas supported by experience and a track-record students can trust. My experience allows me to be certain of what I can accomplish, and my history in Associated Students, Inc. demonstrates I know how to get things done which is why I am confident in saying that my slate, For Students Now, doesn’t make promises we can’t keep.

My opponents may represent new ideas or experience respectively but it is the combination of the two that makes me the more effective candidate. For example, Harrison intends to provide students with scooters as a method of alternative transportation, and says he’ll cut an advertising deal with athletics to make his plan possible.

If he had my experience he would be aware of the transportation survey that indicates students prefer to skateboard, bike, and walk before they choose to scooter. He’d know that the athletics department doesn’t provide free advertising space to the university, let alone off-campus companies. And lastly, he’d know that we have a free transportation program already in place — the Red Bike Program.

Sanchez, on the other hand, claims to have experience. But what has he accomplished in his last two years of service? He didn’t complete a single project as a senator, while I passed a multicultural education resolution, started a graduation campaign, worked with the Legislative Committee to build up Lobby Corps and lobbied against fee increases at the capital, through postcards campaigns, and digital media outlets.

In addition to being the only candidate with a history of getting things done and the experience to see my ideas through, students can trust that I am dedicated, passionate and committed to making Fresno State the best it can be. For more information about me and my slate, visit

Daniel J. Harrison

Associated Students, Inc. needs to be changed so that students are the focus. I am the best candidate for that position. Both of my opponents have served in ASI for two years and will not bring this necessary change. I will.

I am an undergraduate student studying political science, economics and philosophy and intend on becoming a teacher. I am a chief executive of a record label and music management firm where I have learned firsthand the importance of balancing budgets and making realistic spending cuts. I serve as the vice president of the Fresno State Economics Student Association and under the leadership of me and my fellow officers, attendance to events has tripled. I have the experience as a leader to be an effective ASI president.

Through my insight in balancing budgets, I have created a budget for the state of California that ends the deficit and increases funding to the California State Universities enough to prevent tuition hikes. Many people have claimed this is an impossible task. One of my opponents even has fired back by saying she does not make promises she cannot keep.

I am not guaranteeing success with this plan, but what I am guaranteeing is this: I am willing to do whatever it takes to fight against tuition hikes. I will not give up from the beginning, like my opponent. My solutions to this issue and all the other issues are specific, not vague. I make promises I can be held accountable for. My opponent makes promises that are vague so she has no specific agenda to accomplish I have many specific solutions to issues facing students, found at

I ask for your vote, to turn ASI around with a new style of leadership, and to put the focus back on the students.

Cesar X. Sanchez

My name is Cesar X. Sanchez and I am a Masters of Business Administration student at the Sid Craig School of Business and a past graduate of two majors: Entrepreneurship and Economics. I wholeheartedly believe that I am the best choice for Associated Students, Inc. president because of the productivity I have yielded for students during my time as an ASI executive.

As this year’s ASI vice president of finance, my efforts have yielded, but aren’t limited to, the following benefits for students:

1. $10,000 in additional funding for academic research grants; 2. $10,000 for new iMac computers in the University Student Union; 3. $10,000 in additional complimentary funding for clubs; 4. research grant application deadline extensions; 5. bylaw changes that allow clubs and organizations more funding per academic year; 6. $1,900 to take students from Fresno to lobby state legislators in Sacramento.

My top goals as ASI President are the following:

  1. Spending only for student benefit: The ASI budget is comprised overwhelmingly by student fee revenue. Because of this, I will work to ensure that student revenue is only spent on programs that fulfill specific student needs.
  2. Revamped lobbying efforts: Students deserve a continuous and effective lobby effort to counter higher tuition fees exacerbated by lower quality education. Such lobby efforts must include student face to face time with state legislators and or California State University Board of Trustee members.
  3. Greater transparency: As ASI President I will ensure that all ASI meetings required to follow public proceeding laws are compliant.
  4. ASI outreach: As ASI President I will work diligently to ensure that ASI is more involved with students on campus.

My track record and goals speak without further say. I will be a worker for students and my goals prove that my concerns are average student concerns.

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