Take a bite of Fresno State’s farm

Bulldog Bark arrives at the Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market this month

Kyle Lowe / The Collegian

A sweet and crunchy chocolate bar is being launched at the Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market this month for $1.50. A mix of chocolate, roasted almonds and giant raisins grown on the Fresno State farm are fusing together to make a new treat — the Bulldog Bark.

Despite being a new item to the Farm Market, it is already the top selling item in the store.

Since coming out earlier in the month, the Farm Market has already sold approximately 500 bars.

Criminology major Billy Jones said he’s sold nearly 30 Bulldog Bark chocolate bars on March 15.

“Since the Fresno Bee came out with the article, I’ve sold tons of them,” Jones said.

The name of the Bulldog bark is a spinoff from “chocolate bark,” a term used in describing chocolate bars with a good amount of nuts and dried fruits in them. When the chocolate is broken into smaller pieces, it resembles chunks of tree bark.

The Bulldog Bark is shaped like a dog bone and has the Fresno State logo on it. Both milk and dark chocolate flavors are available for choosing.

Customer Kurt Kovac said the Bulldog Bark is high quality.

“It’s very flavorful with all the raisins and almonds,” Kovac said. “The dark chocolate is very smooth.”

The Farm Market worked closely with Fresno State alum and local chocolate maker Guy Debbas. Debbas also dips the almonds and raisins in chocolate that are sold at the Farm Market.

Rue and Gwen Gibson Farm Market Manager Jennifer Sobieralski and Debbas created the idea after noticing the popularity of the chocolate-coated almonds and raisins sold at the Farm Market. The pair then decided to take the two and create a chocolate bar with the Fresno State theme incorporated. The theme is weaved through the wrapper’s colors and the shape.

“Todd Graves designed the bar for us and we thought the design was great,” Sobieralski said. “We thought the dog bone design would speak to people more than a regular rectangle since we are the Bulldogs.”

Sobieralski said she is also looking to sell the Bulldog Bark beyond the Farm Market. She also has high hopes that the Bulldog Bark will become a mainstream item sold along with other the big-name treats.

The 190-calorie chocolate bar wrapper states, “The proceeds of this product benefit the University Farm and the academic endeavors of the Jordan College of Agriculture and Technology.”

The Farm Market recently participated in the inaugural Fresno Food Expo on March 11. Representatives from local stores, such as Save Mart Supermarket and Costco, came and took samples of the Bulldog Bark.

Sobieralski is hopeful one of the representatives will decide to sell the Bulldog Bark at their store. She also said she hopes to be able to sell the Bulldog Bark at Fresno State football games, as well as being sold as part of fundraisers for student groups. The proceeds earned will help the school, the students and the Farm Market.

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