Ramirez should not resign

It seems easy for bystanders to say, “Pedro should resign” as the semester continues to wind down. Some may think it would be best for the new president-elect and current vice president, Selena Farnesi, to take her position early to put “focus” back into the student body. By doing this, Ramirez can have a “normal” life again and move on.

However, Pedro shouldn’t resign early until the position goes to the newly-elected president. Of course the controversy of him being “undocumented” trumped what he does as a president and I am sure he did the best he could to continue his oath as the student body president.

Yet, there were people constantly crying over his undocumented status and set a path of ousting him no matter the cost. If anyone is to blame, it is the people like the tea baggers that are continuously whining and making it a big deal. The media attention, articles and depictions of those opposed to Pedro clearly didn‘t make things better. Pedro was not the distraction, only the ongoing madness that went along with intolerant behavior. He had the right to run and be president and he has the right to end his term when it ends.

Ramirez became a representative for any AB 540 students, supporting immigration legislation and the DREAM Act, which are in fact student issues.

He managed to bring a voice and put a face to something we never pay much attention to. Through this experience, many of us that were unaware of these issues were able to learn about immigration legislation, and the problems and support needed to create better resolutions. We see the racism come out of people that negate what they preach in terms of morality, freedom and human rights, not only here in Fresno, but across the nation.

Many say “illegal aliens” that in actuality sets this dehumanization of an “us versus them” mentality. Those that claim they would become citizens the “legal” way obviously don’t pay attention when people say it’s not that easy. If it was, then people would.

Farnesi’s election didn’t open the doors for Pedro to resign gracefully. I hope it is his decision to see it to the end since he’s gone this far throughout the chaos. His life will move on, but it won’t be the same as if nothing happened. Hopefully, he will continue in his leadership and understanding that he has made a difference. And that is something that we can remember and try to mimic in our own lives.

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