Associated Students, Inc. approves employee benefits

I’m dismayed at the ASI senate’s decision to approve a $20,000 benefits package for full time employees. They did so under the logic that a memorandum written by past executives promised them such, but that memorandum never existed. It was only a proposal. And even if it were a memorandum, it was never voted on, and therefore can’t be used as proof that benefits need to be increased.

The argument that the ASI Coordinator’s job is comparable to other CSU positions and therefore is legally required equal benefits was also used. This is wrong, because according to ASI attorneys, ASI is not subject to that law because it’s funded by student fees, not the state. And even if that were a valid point, at no time was the ASI Coordinator’s job description presented to prove that it actually was comparable to other CSU positions.

The information presented to the senate on this issue was clearly tainted, and funneled to them through the Personnel Committee as third hand hearsay. That’s another huge sum of money spent that didn’t need to be. That $20,000 could’ve been used to fund a club’s event or expand resources. This is another example of senators simply doing what they’re told, rather than looking at all the facts and making the right decision, and it cost students $20,000 of their fee money this time. I commend Senator Alicia Orozco for being the only person to vote against this. This kind of wasteful spending needs to end.

— Sean Kiernan
ASI Senator at Large Candidate

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