Aug 13, 2020

Weekend of Movies

Bieber fever now at an all-time high with two versions of the same film

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This weekend’s films bring a new low to local theaters.

The one respectable film coming out this weekend is a Christian film. Contrary to the standards set by many other faith-based films, “The Grace Card” is the one redeeming feature that will bring normal, upstanding citizens to theaters this weekend.

Here is a rundown of these weeks’ films.

Drive Angry (R)

What it’s about: Milton, a convicted criminal in life, found himself in Hell upon death. Now that he’s broken out, he sets out to save his baby granddaughter from a ritual killing at the hands of the same cult leader who murdered his daughter. Along the way, the devil’s right-hand man, “The Accountant,” chases Milton down to drag him back whence he came.

You should see it if: You like Nicolas Cage. This is very much a guy’s movie. Big explosions and bloody gunfights ensue in this film, not to mention the cult and satanic references make the film dark. Girls, or anyone with a proper sense of sympathy, are better off going to the next theater and watching Justin Bieber’s ridiculous haircut in 3D.

Starring: Nicolas Cage, William Fichtner, Amber Heard, Charlotte Ross and Billy Burke.

Justin Bieber Never Say Never: The Director’s Fan Cut (G)

What it’s about: Justin Bieber, teen pop star extraordinaire, not only has a haircut named after him and his own movie, but now he has a director’s cut of the same movie that came out two weeks ago. This…musician’s inspirational journey is documented in not just a 105-minute feature-length film and a 115-minute director’s cut, but also a version of that same 115-minute director’s cut in 3D.

You should see it if: You are a six-year-old girl.

Starring: Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Sean Kingston and Ludacris.

Hall Pass (R)

What it’s about: Two friends, Rick and Fred, love the ladies. There’s one little problem–they have wives. When their girls give them a “Hall Pass,” or a week off from being married, the boys are thrilled. Nights out at Applebee’s and funny-creepy pick-up lines make for a good time–until the guys realize their wives are having just as good of a time as they are.

You should see it if: You liked Owen Wilson’s earlier films. Think “You, Me, and Dupree,” “Wedding Crashers” or “Meet the Fockers.” For those who aren’t into the Wilson brothers’ humor, however, don’t bother. The jokes in this Wilson film are no different from the last.

Starring: Owen Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Jason Sudeikis and Cristina Applegate.

The Grace Card (PG-13)

What it’s about: George and Mac, partners in the local police force, don’t see eye-to-eye much-especially on issues pertaining to God. When a tragedy in Mac’s family causes him to be even angrier at God, George, whose day job is working as a church pastor, offers the one thing Mac needs–grace.

You should see it if: You like movies with a message. Though many Christian films can be cheesy, this one is a faith-friendly film that draws parallels between George’s service to the church and his career as a cop and the difference between grace and justice. While not exactly Oscar material, it just might be the only decent movie to hit local theaters this weekend.

Starring: Louis Gossett, Jr., Michael Higgenbottom, Michael Joiner, Dawntoya Thomason and Joy Moore.

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