Aug 05, 2020

Save Mart Center apology

Dear Fresno State Students, Faculty, and Staff:

We realize today’s “Get Motivated” event held at the Save Mart Center caused a considerable amount of frustration for our campus community and we apologize sincerely for the traffic, parking, and other impacts. The Save Mart Center has hosted this event before, but with much less attendance and parking demand. Obviously the attendance indicates that in providing a venue for this type of event, we were serving a popular community service.

During the past 7+ years, we have been able to adequately manage Save Mart Center and campus traffic/parking. Because we are mindful of the potential conflicts, we do our best to keep weekday events to a minimum and even try to avoid weekday evening events during the academic semesters. Our standard practice for traffic/parking management is for the SMC staff to work with University Police and local law enforcement agencies on an approved traffic control plan for every event, and there was considerable planning done for this event. Some of you may not be aware that we also provide support to our students, faculty, and staff by allowing daily campus parking in the Save Mart Center lots to accommodate the general parking needs of the University.

Our goal is to bring a variety of events to the building and our community, but, in hindsight, this decision did not serve the best interests of our campus community…which is our priority. We take very seriously that our primary mission is to support the academic mission of the University and to serve our students — the guiding principle for all our auxiliary operating units.

On behalf of the Association and the Save Mart Center, I apologize for the problems caused by today’s event and I want you to know that we will closely evaluate future non-University events of this size to be held on weekdays and during the University’s regular business hours.

Debbie Adishian-Astone
Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Operations

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