Jul 11, 2020

ASI members under review

The Fresno State Student Senate voted at Wednesday’s Associated Students, Inc. meeting to approve a review of Student Body President Pedro Ramirez’s conduct.

The Personnel Committee of the Senate will determine whether Ramirez violated the university’s code of conduct by driving without a license.

Ramirez, who has admitted to being an illegal immigrant, was injured Jan. 9 when the pickup he was driving crashed into a tree. Fresno Police said there were signs Ramirez was speeding.

ASI Vice President Selena Farnesi and Vice President of Finance Cesar Sanchez will also be reviewed. Farnesi is being investigated for possible violations of the Gloria Romero Act, which requires the legislative body of a student body organization to conduct its business in meetings that are open and public, and Sanchez is being accused of violating the Code of Conduct.

As part of its review process, the personnel committee will hold a public hearing, which members of the community are permitted to attend. The review could take up to four weeks.

Several students voiced their opinions during the public comment session.

Yesenia Carrillo, chair of the University Student Union board, thanked all the ASI members for “the financial collaboration for the eight Macs [computers] that you guys approved.” The computers have been installed in the USU computer lab and are already running, said Carrillo.

Sean Kiernan, a member of the ASI Legislative Affairs Committee, announced that “The Carnival of Mockery” will take place on Wednesday, March 2, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the free speech area.

The carnival will feature games “that satire what is going on with the budget cuts right now, like ‘Pin the Money on the CSU,’” and others. The point, said Kiernan, is to increase awareness among students and the community about what is going on with the budget crisis, and to give students an opportunity to do something about it.

Political science and public administration major Manny Moon spoke out about students who drive out of the dorm parking lot on Cedar Ave., and don’t look both directions before turning right.

“There have been a couple of incidents where students have been hit by cars, or at least been close,” Moon said.

Moon asked the ASI members if there was anything they could do to alleviate the problem, suggesting a “look both ways before you turn” sign.

The Senate approved funds for a legal review of ASI bylaws. The amount authorized was $5,000, but estimates have been less than that, Farnesi said.

The appointment of Jose Luis Nava was approved by the Senate. Nava will be a member of the Finance Committee.

Sen. Lauren Smoot announced that during Fresno State’s Vintage Days there will be a T-shirt design contest, with the winner receiving a new iPad. Vintage Days take place April 15-17.

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