Jan 27, 2020

USU Productions celebrates diversity

Students at Fresno State are beginning to daydream of the holidays ahead, but finals week is one bump in the road keeping students from starting their winter vacation early.

Here to help minimize stress and increase excitement for the holidays is University Student Union Productions. USU Productions hosted an event called Christma-Hanuka-Kwanzika on the USU Balcony Wednesday, Dec. 1 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Christma-Hanuka-Kwanzika focused on the three winter holidays: Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

“We wanted to encourage diversity on the campus with Christma-Hanuka-Kwanzika, that’s why we incorporated all the different winter holidays,” Whitney Jenkins, festivals and celebrations coordinator for USU Productions, said. “We hope that students experience cultures other than their own.”

There were many booths at this event, including one for each holiday featured.

At the Hanukkah booth there were dreidel games and build-it-yourself dreidel packets for students to pick up to use later. There were also “Happy Hanukkah” buttons and a handout entitled “The Story of Hanukkah.”

At the Christmas booth students found red and green bracelets with the words “Noel” and “Hope” on them. “Merry Christmas” buttons were passed out along with a handout entitled “History of Christmas.” USU Productions hoped that visitors would pick up the handout and learn more about Christmas, regardless if they celebrated it or not.

At the Kwanzaa booth there was a number game, displays, “Happy Kwanzaa” buttons and a handout entitled “Kwanzaa.” This handout listed the seven principles of Kwanzaa, facts and the symbols.

Members of USU Productions were present at each booth to assist students who stopped by and to encourage others passing by to learn about the three winter holidays.

Another booth at the Christma-Hanuka-Kwanzika event was a crafts table. Students were able to make cards with colorful paper, felt cutouts and other items.

Pre-nursing major Belinda Her was one student that took advantage of this once-a-year event. Most of her time was spent making a card for her boyfriend at the crafts table.

“I met some nice people while I was here,” Her said. “It was a nice event.”

Pre-nursing major Victoria Jackson participated in the gift wrapping contest. Students were given scissors, tape, wrapping paper and two boxes. The first person to wrap both their boxes won a gingerbread house.

“The event was nice, but I expected more,” Jackson said. “I think maybe if more people were here it would have been nicer.”

USU Productions is a student-based program and their goal is to promote entertainment, social interaction and leadership. They have multiple committees to provide entertainment to students.

“I’ve seen students stop and pick up the handouts we’ve had,” Jenkins said. “I think the event was pretty successful and we had a nice turn out.”

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