Why Spartan Stadium fails

In 2007, the Hawaii Warriors dismantled the San Jose Spartans.

During the post game interview former Hawaii head coach June Jones said “Spartan Stadium is an embarrassment for a Division 1 field.” Calling the conditions “atrocious.”

After attending my first away game at Spartan Stadium last weekend, I have to side with coach Jones.

The Spartan Stadium is located in Downtown San Jose. The stadium is miles away from campus. Compared to the beautiful vine-covered historic buildings of San Jose State University, the home of Spartan football fails.

The stadium sits next to the San Jose International Airport. The dozen of flyovers per quarter is distracting. However, not as distracting as the high school field, the primitive sound system or the only new piece of equipment the stadium as seen since 1933–the jumbotron in the northeast corner of the stadium.

The field is short and narrow. The stands are feet from the sidelines. If I wasn’t shy or sober, I could have flirted with tight end Tapa Taumoepeau, number 46, straight from the student section.

The crowd was quiet. The 30,000 seat capacity stadium was as good as empty. The number of Spartan fans who attended the game was sad. It was in their own backyard. And still more Fresno State supporters traveled more than two-hours in a rainstorm.

I do not believe the field had a drainage system. It was raining profusely before, during and after the game. The parking lots were muddy. The playing field was even worse. Umbrellas were not allowed into the stadium. Security said it could potentially be used as a weapon. And made fans put all umbrellas back in their vehicles.

The stadium PA system speakers were spitting out Georgia vs. Kentucky stats. It was faint but noticeable. It was annoying. For some reason there were several announcers. One of which sounded like former Price is Right announcer Rod Roddy.

It’s not like I am the bearer of bad news. Everyone knows Spartan Stadium is weak. So weak in fact that it made me realize that Bulldog Stadium is pretty freaking awesome.

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