‘100 years of Fresno State’ photo exhibit features school traditions

Danielle Gilbert / The Collegian

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the pictures now hanging in the library’s ellipse room could fill up a book the size of the last Harry Potter novel.

The new photo exhibit called ‘100 years of Fresno State’ which went on display this week, features a collection of photos and school memorabilia dating back to 1911. The photos show Fresno State students through the years engaging in now-defunct school traditions. In honor of the Centennial year kickoff, here is a rewrite of old traditions that have come and gone.

Original: Know the Alma Mater.
Update: Know the Alma Mater, and sing it at all school-related events.
Why: Knowing the words to the Alma Mater isn’t very common on campus anymore, which puts a few students in a small, but knowledgeable, minority.

Original: Know all student body officers.
Update: Know the name and position of each ASI senator that represents your college, sport or club.
Why: Knowing which senator represents each college is helpful if a student needs help navigating the ins and outs of their college.

Original: Do not step upon the Fresno State College seal in the library.
Update: Do not step upon the noisy staircase in the library. Take the elevator.
Why: There is no longer a Fresno State seal in the library. But there are noisy stairs.

Original:Wear green frosh “dinks” or ribbons.
Update: Wear Fresno State clothes or accessories, not that of other schools.
Why: Freshman boys were required by upperclassmen to wear green hats called dinks. Freshman girls wore green ribbons in their hair. Since that rule ended many years ago, most students agree that a better way to express school spirit is by wearing Fresno State clothes.

Original: Boost the college at every opportunity.
Update: Represent the college well at every opportunity.
Why: This is basically another way of saying the same thing, but people forget that what they do reflects on their school.

Original: Learn all songs and yells.
Update: Learn all songs and yells.
Why: Sometimes, it’s best not to mess with tradition.

Original: The Freshman-Sophomore Brawl.
Update: The Freshman-Sophomore boo-off.
Why: Once upon a time, the Freshman-Sophomore Brawl was a face-off between the two classes and involved a tug-of-war in the mud. It ran from 1925 to 1943, when it ended because of World War II. Now that the school doesn’t have an active battle between two classes, a Freshman-Sophomore boo-off where people of both classes boo each other until they’re hoarse will suffice.

Original: The Normal Glee Club
Update: The Fresno State Glee Club
Why: The Fresno State Normal School had a glee club, which performed at the first Fresno State graduation in 1915. There’s enough Glee fans on campus to create at least one new glee club.

Original: 600 Club
Update: Go ‘Dogs Club.
Why: The 600 Club was the very first school athletics booster club at Fresno State. Many booster clubs have come and gone since then, but the 600 club was the one to kick off Fresno State’s long history of booster clubs.

Original: The Farmerettes.
Update: Ag Students for Victory Gardening.
Why: The Farmerettes participated in Victory Gardening, an popular activity during the two World Wars. It served to grow more fruits and vegetables for families so more food could go to soldiers overseas.

Original: “We lost the Fresno State-San Jose State game.”
Update: “We lost the Fresno State-Boise State game.”
Why: Back when Fresno State and San Jose were major rivals, a plaque with the above phrase inscribed on it was given to the loser, while a bell with the school’s colors painted on it was given to the winners. Now that Boise is the big team to beat, neither school has a plaque or a bell to hand to the other.

Danielle Gilbert / The Collegian
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