Jul 04, 2020

Get involved Fresno State

Angela Salinas / The Collegian

Fresno State students have many opportunities to join clubs and organizations on campus that will help them develop leadership skills, personal growth and career success.

The college experience is one that no one forgets, so why not get the most out of it?

Thousands of Fresno State students are involved in a total of more than 250 clubs and organizations on campus.

Joining various student organizations can be helpful to those who are interested with making an impact with the university.

“Fresno State students should get involved because if they want to see change on campus, they should help and be the change,” said Russell Goolsby, ASI senator at large for student clubs and organizations. “Being involved is a great thing and can help in many aspects of life, not just academics and school.”

It’s very important to get involved because not only can you have a positive impact on campus, you can have a greater positive impact on yourself and on others.

“I think that joining an organization is a great opportunity for students to mingle with others from all over who have similar interests,” said Elisa Ferrendelli, an agricultural communications major. “Students can also gain a family away from home.”

From leadership opportunities to meeting new people, long life friendships can be developed, and utilized as a great networking tool.

“Being involved gives students many opportunities,” Goolsby said. “It gives you more structure, teaches time management, gives you networking opportunities and on top of that, it’s a great resume booster.”

Deciding what group or organization to join is a tough choice to make; there is a lot to take into consideration: Time commitments, work and family responsibilities, and whether the organization fits your strengths.

There’s a vast selection of organizations at Fresno State that you can get involved in. The most well-known organizations include: the Greeks and athletics.

“I think anyone that wants to advance themselves academically, while also being able to give back to the community and meet other college students, should join a campus organization,” said Krista Ellsworth, the President of Greek Life Panhellenic.

Being involved in student organizations while in college helps prepare you for your future after your college. Being active in a club or organization also shows perspective employers that you’re determined to make a difference.

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