Senior interior design students hold a show for reaccreditation

Seniors of Fresno State’s interior design program are stretched thin this semester as they seek to complete their senior show and receive reaccreditation.

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) has accredited hundreds of colleges and universities throughout North America to assure the integrity of an interior design education for more than 35 years. School’ must undergo a rigorous evaluation every six years to maintain the accreditation. Fresno State’s interior design program has been accredited since 1986.

The CIDA show will be held in concurrence with the program’s senior exhibition.

Brianna Smith, president of American Society of Interior Designers Student Chapter at Fresno State, has had her hands full with graduation and CIDA’s arrival nearing.

“As a senior, I am working with my classmates to prepare our senior exhibition as well as a second show strictly for CIDA that will exhibit how our curriculum meets CIDA’s standards,” Smith said.

Accreditation is an important aspect to consider to many college applicants who are looking to join the interior design program. Some states may even require a degree from an accredited school to consider an applicant for employment.

“Since I have been part of an accredited program during the entirety of my time here at Fresno State, I will be able to state that I graduated from an accredited institution regardless of whether or not our program loses its accreditation in the future,” Smith said.

Previous graduating classes have not had the opportunity to put on multiple shows in one semester.

“I feel truly honored to be involved in an event that will help make sure our department stays accredited,” said interior design senior Mara Peterson.

Peterson is currently designing the senior show, Paradigm Interior Design Exhibit, as well as blogging information regarding each exhibit to provide the CIDA with documentation.

Stress has been circulating through the students and faculty as the dates for both events draw near.

“So far, the CIDA exhibit process seems to be running smoothly. This could very well change once we begin construction on the exhibit kiosks and final set up,” Peterson said. The CIDA exhibit coincides with the Paradigm Interior Design Exhibit, and senior students will have to set up their own gallery exhibits in addition to CIDA’s.”

In order to fund the shows, the students must also undergo multiple fund raising efforts. They will be putting on anything from a garage sale to a special donation from Panda Express with a dinner purchase.

“I have been working tirelessly on my exhibit for the senior show, and have also been working to oversee the budget and a great deal of fundraising and overall planning of the show,” Smith said.

The four-day exhibition in the Conley Art Gallery began on April 15. The CIDA show will run concurrently in the Pete P. Peters gallery in the Henry Madden Library.

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