Aug 13, 2020

Bulldog of the week: Greg Gonzalez

Photos By Matt Weir / The Collegian
Junior college transfer, Gonzalez received national recognition for his no-hitter against Hawaii.

For 44 years, the Bulldog baseball team suffered a no-hitter drought. That was until Greg Gonzalez fired a seven strike out, two walk performance in a no-hitter against Hawaii on April 10.

But the path to Gonzalez’s gem 12 days ago has been a long one. Gonzalez has been playing baseball since he was in grade school and enjoys playing with his teammates.

“[I played] when I was 7-years-old, all the way through high school, junior college and now at Fresno State,” Gonzalez said.

A junior from San Bruno, Calif., launched himself into Fresno State history on April 10 at Les Murakami Stadium, becoming just the seventh Bulldog in Fresno State history to receive honors of pitching a no-hitter. The performance also marked Gonzalez’s first career start in a Bulldog uniform, leading Fresno State through a seven-inning shutout against 22 batters, 17 of them shut down in order.

Gonzalez received the National Player of the Week honor after his performance. He continued his hot streak in his second season start this past Saturday against Louisiana Tech, topping his career-high seven strike outs to sit down 10 batters in a seven-inning victory over the Techsters, 14-4.

The transfer from Skyline Junior College in San Bruno, Calif. has appeared in 13 games so far in 2010, posting an undisputed 5-0 record along with a 4.31 ERA.


What do you enjoy most about playing for the Bulldogs?

I really enjoy every day coming out here and just going through baseball with all the guys and doing the workout and stuff, that is really what I look forward to.

Is there a big difference from playing at junior college to Division I play?

There is better competition both, better pitchers you have to compete against for playing time and better hitters that you have to face, so you have to bring your “A game” everyday.

How did it feel to receive the seventh no-hitter in Fresno State history?

It felt great, [but] it didn’t really set in right away. I wasn’t really sure if it was really happening. It is the highlight of my baseball career so far.

Did you know that you would be receiving honors nationally?

I knew I had done good, but to get national recognition was great. I couldn’t hope for anything better.

What approach do you take in order to be game ready?

I just try and take my preparation each week the same way to make sure that I am prepared for the game. I want to be as prepared as possible for every opponent.

Some of the pitchers on the team make up songs while on the road to pass time, is that something you participate in?

Mostly I watch the movie when it is on, I will throw my two cents in here and there on the songs that are made, but I am not the main focus of the songs.

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