The psychology of color

John Esquivel / The Collegian

Can the right color really make you feel more creative or peaceful? Most people put little thought into the color they wear on any given day as they scrounge to find something that’s clean and fits. However, colors have a tremendous effect on moods and emotions that some studies suggest that we feel colors more than we observe them.

The meaning behind each color can be used to your advantage whether you’re looking to land an ideal job or a hot date. So ask yourself, do you feel a green or yellow today?

If you want attention, wear red. This extreme color is associated with love and sexuality, as well as energy and vitality. Wearing red makes a person appear powerful and confident. Heed with caution, as the color can also make the wearer look heavier.

Pink is more soothing and less intense than red. It conveys compassion, romance and femininity. Don’t plan to wear this calming hue if you need a stream of energy to get through the day. The color’s connection with an open heart makes it a perfect date-night pick.

Blue is one of the most popular colors in fashion and channels peace and tranquility. Fashion experts suggest wearing blue to a job interview because it indicates loyalty. Studies show blue also stimulates creativity, so wear it when you need an innovative boost.

Green, the color of nature and since nature is abundant, it is the easiest color on the eye. This calming and refreshing color is one of spring’s most popular pigments because it represents new growth. Wearing green can help the wearer feel more relaxed, so add it to your wardrobe during midterm and finals week.

Looking to feel regal, sophisticated and royal, then purple’s your color. The color is associated with luxury and creativity. Purple is a statement color that fulfills the wearer’s desire to get noticed and feel like a one-of-a-kind, non-conformist.

Yellow is the perfect shade to lift spirits, so wear this pick-me-up hue when seeking optimism and cheer. The color increases brain stimulation, which makes it a good pick during a big project or exam. Wearers beware: the color is the most difficult for the eye to take in and can be overwhelming if overused.

Orange is extremely high energy and stimulating and makes a person appear playful. Wear orange if you’re embarking on a new project and need some extra motivation. Orange is one of the most difficult colors for some skin tones to pull off, choosing the right shade is essential.

Brown conveys a sense of familiarity since it is most associated with the color of the Earth. It embodies things naturally found in nature and endorses feelings of stability. Opt for this color when you’re feeling insecure about a new position or task.

Gray implies self-control, independence and self-confidence, which suggests why it’s popular color for business suites. The neutral shade enhances the effect of other colors worn with it. Be sure to enhance the hue with other colors because too much gray can be dreary and boring.

If the mild spring weather makes you yearn for summer days ahead, wearing white can help satisfy that longing. Considered a summer color, its popularity lies in the color’s simplicity. White represents peace and clarity which makes it an ideal choice when you need a fresh outlook.

In the fashion world, nothing is more timeless or stylish than black. It is the ultimate color of authority and power, but can also imply submission. The color insinuates an aura of mystery, which may be why many artists and fashion designers wear little else besides black.

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