Aug 13, 2020

The hangover

For those of age, the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day may go beyond the folklores of leprechauns and traditions of wearing green to avoid getting pinched. As with holidays like Cinco de Mayo, it’s a day of drinking. Breweries and bars capitalize on the holiday as a way to advertise Irish-themed drinks and green beer.

However, the following morning can spark various folklores and traditions of ways to cure a hangover. These dreaded mornings beg the question — what is the best way to avoid a hangover?

According to WebMD, there are many practices that people use that do more harm than good. Some are quick to reach for coffee, which, like alcohol, causes dehydration. Others will make a morning “screwdriver” drink to try to fend off the feeling of a hangover. However, the vodka and orange juice combination only postpones the hangover.

The common preventative measure—liquor before beer your in the clear, beer before liquor you’ve never been sicker. While taking a shot followed by a beer will slow down the probability of getting drunk, any alcohol will register just the same in your body.

Michael Bearden, a server at Livingstone’s Restaurant & Pub in the Tower District, has kept it simple with his remedy, which is based on his observations at the workplace. “Drinking water is pretty much the key thing,” said Bearden. While Bearden said this is a common way to avoid a hangover, most people make the mistake of drinking water after the fact.

“Dehydration is what causes it,” Bearden said. “You pretty much need to stay hydrated while you drink.”

Bearden has also heard of bar patrons taking Ibuprofen as opposed to options like Tylenol because it can lead to permanent liver damage. “I’ve heard that can get rid of major things like headaches,” Bearden said.

While those around bars are willing to share remedies that may work, they are also willing to share those that they would call outlandish. Doug Crowder, a bartender at Campagnia and a biology major at Fresno State, has heard some of these. “People think burnt toast (will help) because of it’s like getting your stomach pumped,” said Crowder.

Crowder has also heard of pills that are intended to prevent hangovers. “They won’t help you in any way,” Crowder said. “It’s all a marketing scheme.”

He recommends staying hydrated the night you drink and a breakfast of eggs, carbohydrates, and fruit the next morning. After that, Crowder said he’s “back on track.”

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