“Twilight” fans unite

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There was one question lingering during the Borders “Twilight: New Moon” DVD Midnight Release Party on Friday, March 20. The answer divided Twilighters (official name for true Twilight fans) more than any differing political ideologies, as loyalty was at stake for these devoted fans: Team Edward or Team Jacob.

“Twilight” devotees never came to a consensus, but they didn’t let their differing opinions hamper the fun during the 2-hour event hosted by Borders in Fresno’s River Park. Teens, young children, young adults and moms made up the diverse crowd at Friday’s event.

The release party began at 10 p.m. and started off with an open discussion of the “Twilight” saga led by a couple of the bookstore’s workers. Competiveness was rampant when prizes were at stake for guests who could answer the “Twilight” based trivia questions correctly.

The prizes were an assortment of “Twilight” memorabilia that included pens, magnets and posters. A few lucky fans scored big by winning posters signed by members of the cast.

Guests at Friday’s event seemed to gleam with excitement and anticipation as they mingled and conversed with other attendees who shared the same passion for the vampire romance.

There were no out of control mobs or disorderly conduct as Borders employees directed guests to line up to prepare for the first DVD purchase at 12:01 a.m. Each “Twilight” fan waited patiently for their turn to finally hold the coveted new release in their possession.

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