Use your own brain

It seems that more and more, people have outlets where they can force their opinion on anyone who can click a mouse. My problem is that it seems many of the people doing the mouse clicking have become human sponges. People can’t seem to form their own opinions anymore.

“I read that the new ‘Transformers’ movie sucks. Let’s see something else.”

“I heard that James is a jerk.”

“No thanks, my friend told me that roast duck tastes awful.”

People need to start thinking for themselves. How can you know anything if you don’t find out for yourself? How will you know the “Transformers” movie sucks unless you see it? What if you end up loving it? You can’t know until you see it yourself. The same goes for any situation I can think of. You can’t know that something is good, bad, or OK until you experience it yourself.

Maybe you have a friend that you really trust. You share the same taste in just about every subject. Fine. Listen to them. Base your opinion on theirs. But don’t start telling other people that something sucks based on an opinion that isn’t even yours! People start this chain of assumption that is based on nothing—and I can hardly take it anymore.

Please, form your own opinions. I have absolutely no problem with sharing your opinion. That’s exactly what I’m doing. But don’t expect your opinion to become truth, and don’t base your opinion on something that someone else said. Base it on your own experience.

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