I don’t care anymore

I should have stopped caring a long time ago.

I love all sorts of music. I’ve always known that. But for some ridiculous reason, there were certain artists, genres or songs that I assumed I didn’t want to listen to.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is judging a band by their fans. I looked at the people who listened to the music, what they were wearing, how they talked and how they acted. This was a bad idea. I should’ve known better than to judge a band by people that aren’t even in it.

I can remember back in junior high and high school seeing people wearing hoodies that read “The Used” or “Linkin Park.” These kids were not my friends, and they all looked like they did acid in the bathroom. I decided that meant I wouldn’t like those bands, or any band like them.

It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized, “Wow, maybe this isn’t so bad.” I’m not saying these are my favorite bands. I don’t listen to them on a regular basis. But there are songs that I can really enjoy. If only I had opened up my mind sooner, I could have experienced this stuff and enjoyed it a long time ago.

Another thing that I am ashamed to admit is the fact that I hid my support of certain musical groups because of the image they represented. Again, bad idea. Who really cares what bands anyone listens to? If you enjoy it, why should it matter?

We don’t always know why we like something, but we like it nonetheless. Why would anyone deprive themselves of the simple joy of enjoying music just because someone else doesn’t agree?

From now on, I don’t care who knows it. The Backstreet Boys were pretty catchy. I think Taylor Swift is incredibly talented. Green Day is really fun to listen to sometimes. Coldplay can be really engaging. Fall Out Boy has some good moments.

So go ahead, scoff at me while I belt out “Quit Playing Games With My Heart.” You can call me gay for liking Coldplay. You can say I’m a conformist for downloading “Know Your Enemy.” And you can say I’m girly for liking Taylor Swift.
I just don’t care anymore.

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