Jan 18, 2020

Fresno rocks for relief

Photo courtesy of Confide

This Friday night, the Los Angeles musicians Confide, will be performing at Kuppajoe, on Shields and First Avenue for Haiti relief efforts.

Since the earthquake in Haiti, many have been a part of an overwhelming response to aid the struggling country. For Fresno State students, there are numerous ways donate money while having a good time.

Local all-ages club, Kuppajoe, will be hosting a benefit concert on Jan. 29 featuring PK, Fighting the Villain, My Beautiful Surrender and up-and-coming Los Angeles rockers Confide.

Nick Kennedy, who is the volunteer director of Kuppajoe, wanted to throw a benefit show, but Kuppajoe were completely booked up to March and did not want to ask any of the touring bands to give up their pay. However, that all changed when one of the bands approached him.

“It was PK’s idea,” Kennedy said. “Confide heard about the benefit and wanted to jump on. After a few days, it was solidified.”

Unlike most fundraisers for Haiti, Kennedy does not plan on donating to the American Red Cross. Instead, all proceeds will go toward Christian Fellowship Ministries, which is based out of Fresno.

Christian Fellowship Ministries has specialized in offering services to Haiti since 2005.

Kennedy said he has more confidence in this organization than compared to others.

“Compared to the Red Cross, Christian Fellowship Ministries does not take any overhead (cost.)”

Representatives from the ministries will be on hand at the show to talk about what the organization stands for, and where the money will be going.

Joel Piper, drummer of Confide, is glad he could do his part.

“We felt it was a way we could help out and have fun doing what we do at the same time,” Piper said.

Piper, who has been living in Fresno for two years, is also very happy to be playing close to home.

“Kids seem really stoked because we never get to play here,” Piper said. “The last time we played at Kuppajoe, the room was full and we had a great time.”

Following their appearance at the club, Confide will embark on a tour with “From First To Last,” release a new record and set out on a UK tour. Previously, the band has been featured on MTV, “Alternative Press Magazine” and “Entertainment Weekly.”

Students can also look for an upcoming event on campus that will help with the Haiti relief.

Daniela Gonzalez, music scene coordinator for the University Student Union (USU), wants to show that the campus wants to help with the relief, but wasn’t sure how to do so.

The USU gathered of various ideas including clothes and food drives, but realized a fundraiser would be a better choice.

“We heard money would make a bigger difference,” Gonzalez said.

She is currently assisting with planning a concert at the Satellite Student Union scheduled for Feb. 13. All of the money raised will be given to the American Red Cross. They’ve booked local acts 40 Watt Hype and JJ Brown to perform. They hope to add more bands to the bill along with poets and speakers.

“We’re also looking for a host to represent Fresno,” said Gonzalez, who already has a few people in mind.

She is also very pleased with the response she has received so far.

“People are coming to us and want to see how they can help,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez also said they plan to have a raffle coincide with the concert. They have items to give away courtesy of Starbucks, Six Flags, Disney and movie tickets.

“We are happy to attract everyone as students, as a state and as a nation,” Gonzalez said. “I’m really excited about it.”

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