Jan 17, 2020

Bulldog of the Week

Photo Illustration By Matt Weir and Michael Uribes
Photo By Brianna Campbell / The Collegian
Smith leads the team with 32 blocks and 20 offensive rebounds.

Starting center for the Fresno State men’s basketball team is just a small accomplishment that Greg Smith has received in his first year as a Bulldog.

Smith has started in all 20 games this season setting records on a regular basis. Smith has scored 230 points this season, averaging 11.5 points a night and a total of 31 assists.

Smith leads the team with 32 blocked and 20 offensive rebounds, averaging 6.5 total rebounds per game.

In Smith’s last game against the Nevada Wolf Pack he scored a high of 25 points, grabbed 11 rebounds and five assists. This gave him his fourth double-double for the season.

“I don’t think about being the main guy,” Smith said, “I think of my team. I played my heart out for everybody.”
With three years left in his collegiate career, Smith looks to be headed for a record-breaking career as a Bulldog.

Q: Have you always wanted to play basketball?

A: Forever. Since I was three-years old I wanted to play basketball. Since I was little I loved the game, I use to go to the park and play with my aunts and uncles

Q: How does it feel to play in your hometown of Fresno?

A: It is great to be here. The crowd knows me. I love to play for them. I see everyone cheering for me, and I’m glad to be home. The fan support is wonderful.

Q: How did it feel to receive your fourth double-double and the game high against Nevada:

A: It feels great. I’m loving it! I’m glad my team gave me the ball to get me the accomplishment. I thank them for everything.

Q: What is your goal this year as a Bulldog?

A: My whole goal this year is to win the Western Athletic Conference championship with my team. Play my heart out, to win it. My whole goal through college is to be here for all four years and be here for championships, and then graduate.
That’s why I chose to stay home

Q: What is your goal this year as a Fresno State student?

A: I want to decide my major, stick to it, and graduate so I have a plan for my older years. I want something to fall back on, I don’t want to just stick to basketball.

Q: As a child who were your favorite professional players?

A:I grew up watching Michael Jordan, Shaq [O’Neal], [Hakeem] Olajuwon, they were all great players but my favorite was Charles Barkley, the undersized big man. I watched Jordan a lot he was magnificent.

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