Nov 19, 2019

Letters to the editor

To the editor:

I am a current Fresno State student. I am concerned about an issue that affects us locally and statewide. I am wondering if you are willing to publish this in The Collegian, or at the very least, give some awareness to the students of Fresno State.

As of Jan. 8, 2010, Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed a budget that will result in the elimination of all Adult Health Care Centers (ADHC) on March 1. This proposal will produce false savings and is an attempt to recycle an older proposal from last year (which failed). ADHC was created to cut the cost to taxpayers by reducing the needs of nursing homes, emergency rooms and institutions, which cost significantly more.

There is no doubt that it will affect students like ourselves, because we are the taxpayers and we all know about baby boomers. Research has shown that in the coming years, the need for social services will increase. This elimination will result in the loss of more than 6,500 jobs and affect 37,000 seniors and people with disabilities. The governor anticipates seeing the immediate savings as of June, but refuses to acknowledge the fact that this will cost taxpayers four times as much in the long run. Eliminating this is like going 30 years backwards, when the only option was nursing homes.

In believing that he will save California, he is costing more dollars and lives. He claims to “put the people of California first,” but he is really when he continues to marginalize one of the vulnerable and powerless populations in our society; seniors and people with disabilities? This may be my opinion, but he’s already done enough damage to our education, should we let him do more damage before he leaves office?

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Lina Tuon

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