The magic of the season…

As the fall season advances toward winter, the once abounding life outside becomes dark and desolate.

Summer’s vibrant green leaves transform into a subdued tint of orange and yellow that blanket the ground around it. Branches are left barren, proof of the once abundant foliage. Days seem shorter, with darkness setting in earlier. Fall and winter overcast days are characterized by the darkness, with no hint of light in sight. The crisp, cool weather prompts people to seek shelter in the warm indoors.

It would appear as if the dark and hollow atmosphere would make all of its surroundings melancholy and bleak. However, the senses are more alive than ever.

The holiday season awakens the senses of many as long-celebrated traditions are defined by time spent with loved ones gathering and the memories made each year.

When thinking of Christmas, the sight of bright, twinkling lights come into vision. Lights wrapped around a Christmas tree or lining the outside of a house illuminate the dark nights, making any feelings of gloominess vanish. The sight of the holiday’s decorations, with jolly ole Saint Nick, enchanted reindeer and charming snowmen are enough to warm the darkest spirits.

Scenes of people gathering at holiday parties or family get-togethers come to mind as many take pleasure in spending time with one another. Displays of people giving back is probably the most noticeable during this time of year, as people feel more inclined to give back to those less fortunate.

The Christmas holiday is filled with enticing aromas from food to decor. The sweet smell of homemade cookies gently baking in the oven fills the room with anticipation of treats almost ready for consumption. Real Christmas trees immerse the air with the fresh scent of pine while wrestling to transport it from the store to the living room.

The food during this time of year is one of the starring attractions that fill most holiday memories. One’s mouth waters when remembering the holiday spread from the savory to the sweet. Standard fare such as a browned turkey and glazed ham are staple features at family feasts. Of course, the meal would not be complete without the large volume of desserts that glisten when topped off with a dollop of whip cream.

Hearing the clamor of the holiday seems to put people more in the spirit of the holiday while they bustle about from one engagement to the next. Christmas music is soothing as the timeless lyrics capture the true essence of the season from Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” to Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

Feeling the discomfort of prickly pine needles while adorning the bare Christmas tree subsides as the addition of lights and ornaments bring the tree to life. The feeling of comfort is present in each embrace as loved ones welcome the company of absent friends and family. Sitting by a newly lit fire and sipping on a steaming mug of hot chocolate provides relief from the chill outside.

And perhaps the sum of it all results in the feeling of belief the season generates. Whether one still believes in Santa Clause or not, the magic Christmas has on the senses can turn even the most pessimistic Scrooge into a believer.

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