LEAD program helps students excel

Photo Courtesy of Sigma Nu Fraternity / The Collegian

Five phases focus on developing members

One fraternity on campus, Sigma Nu, is changing the perceived fraternity stereotype, starting a program that has helped many of the fraternity brothers have success for life after college.

The fraternity brothers believe in helping new recruits develop into assets for the Sigma Nu Fraternity.

The program called LEAD, is an acronym for Leadership Ethics Achievement and Development.

The program has been on campus at California State University, Fresno since 2000.

The program consists of five-phases that have the ultimate goal of introducing college students to materials and resources that will help them excel in their school, their career and their personal life.

The program also allows the members of the fraternity to develop as men so they can be better prepared later in life, according to fraternity members.

“The program allows our members to develop into the type of men that will represent our fraternity, school and community in the most honorable way,” said JR Gregory, the LEAD Chairmen of the Zeta Kappa Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at Fresno State.

As part of the program, the chapter at Fresno State works in the community by doing service work such as participating in the Kids Day event put on by Central Valley Newspaper. They have also raised money for the United Cerebral Palsy of the Central Valley.

In fact, for the last five years the fraternity has been the highest earning group on campus.

Each brother or candidate is required to do at least five hours of community service per semester.

“We understand that with a large group of men, we are not just obligated to the school but also the community,” Gregory said.

According to Gregory, Phase one helps to establish a foundation of knowledge of Sigma Nu’s history, mission and policies. As participants through each of the sessions, they will begin to understand who they are as men, leaders and brothers. They are also taught proper time management and project managing.

Phase two helps the brothers develop and refine their skills necessary to become and remain successful leaders in society through coursework such as Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Visionary Leadership, Effective Change and Controversy with Civility.

Phase three puts into use the skills that the brothers have learned in phases one and two.

Members do this by having a leadership lab that refines their skills while benefiting the university, the Greek system, and the local community.

Phase four provides an opportunity for graduating members to refine specific skills to be successful in the years immediately following their graduation, as well as an opportunity to continue their involvement in the collegiate chapter. They learn how to properly negotiate salary wages, and manage their money.

The last phase is called All-Chapter. In this phase programming is designed to include the entire membership in personal development, chapter development, and risk reduction.

“LEAD has really shown me how to be a better leader, not just in the fraternity but also in everyday life,” said Sigma Nu Member Matt-Mintz Plasse.

The leadership seminars for Sigma Nu as well as other events they stage, are open to the entire Fresno State community. They put on an exercise fitness class at the student recreation center called Body Pump which teaches about health and active lifestyle.

Sigma Nu member Cory Moore had doubts about the program but after completing it, all the doubts disappeared.

“LEAD has taught me more things than I could have imagined,” said Sigma Nu member Cory Moore.

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