Aug 10, 2020

Coastal grill grand opening

The air is cool and a slight breeze blows through the restaurant. The atmosphere is casual and the ambiance is lively. There is an open-air atmosphere as if one were outside and actually at the coast.

“The smell of seafood and the hustle and bustle of Pismo’s made me feel like I was at the beach,” I loved the food and the fish is so fresh, I could really taste the difference.” Said 23-year-old Nathan Negri.

Pismo’s Coastal Grill opened Nov. 2, 2009 with a splash. Lines began to form at 4:30 p.m. and the restaurant remained full throughout the evening: even for lunch the next day, there was a line waiting to get in.

Located in the Villaggio Shopping Center on Blackstone and Nees, Pismo’s beach-like appearance is accelerated by neon signs that draw attention to sand surrounding the building.

“Although our opening date had been pushed back almost eight months, the response from the community has been great. Ensuring our guests with the best experience was our driving force, and if that meant we had to wait, then we had to wait,” said Sharon Scott, Managing Proprietor, Pismo’s Coastal Grill.

According to Scott, cutting corners wasn’t an option. There are over 100 different handpicked wines from all over the Central Coast and a variety of handcrafted daily fish specials.

Along with the wine and food, there are countless hidden gems in the restaurant; the painted pew that was bought from a local church in the waiting area, the champagne-dipped wood that lines the walkways and there is the Crab-O-Matic that head chef, Justin Shannon, and owner of Pismo’s, Dave Fansler created.

The Crab-O-Matic takes a portion of Dungeness crab and allows the seasoning to penetrate the meat evenly and quickly. This invention can take a three-hour marinade and turn it into a seven-minute marinade instead.

The eye-catching red awning at that the entrance of Pismo’s encases the restaurants fresh fish.

“Our fish is picked up from the coast daily, then our fishmonger takes each fish and inspects it,” Scott says. “If it doesn’t hold up to the Pismo’s standard it is sent back. We make sure that our fish is never frozen and we make all filets here in house.”

Pismo’s menu is moderately priced and about five and a half miles from California State University, Fresno

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