Q&A: Going Nuts with Danny Evans

Danny Evans graduated from California State University, Fresno in 1993 with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. He now lives in Southern California and has a wife and two kids. His first book, “Rage Against the Meshugenah: Why it Takes Balls to Go Nuts,” was released on Aug. 4, 2009 and deals with his struggle through male depression. The Collegian caught up with Danny to get his thoughts on the book.

Q: Was it hard to write about something so painful for a mass audience?

A: It was scary at first. I realized I would be exposing things about myself that guys don’t normally expose. But as I started to write, I found it to be pretty therapeutic to be able to go back. With seven years of hindsight I was able to see it a little more objectively. It was very cathartic.

Q: Your book talks a lot about father-son conflict, as do many others. Why is this is so common?

A: For a lot of us, our father is the role model for what a man should be when we’re growing up. As we get older and learn things on our own there are conflicts. You see the way that you were raised and things you were taught to believe. And when you make decisions on your own they’re starkly different from what was expected of you when you were younger. It’s a common thing for men.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers at Fresno State?

A: The hardest thing to do is start. I kept saying I would get to [writing] after I was married or after I had kids or was more stable professionally. You just have to do it. You have to jump. Once you get the ball rolling it creates its own wind.

Q: You’ve been described as an “everyman” for male depression. How do you like this title?

A: I’m just a normal guy. When I was going through [depression] I went to a book store and looked for something that would talk to me on my level about these issues, and I couldn’t find anything. It’s my hope from writing ‘Rage’ that maybe next time a guy in my situation goes looking for something like that he’ll find it.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Go Bulldogs! Other than that, no.

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