Melanie Spigelmyre

The year was 1984 and the Fresno State’s women’s volleyball team was nationally ranked 19th in the NCAA. For Melanie Spigelmyre, a freshman at the time, one particular victory from that season stands out – defeating UC Santa Barbara in front of a home crowd in what was then the new North Gym.

“I’ll always remember that game,” said Spigelmyre of the win. “It was pretty awesome.”

Spigelmyre played defense and outside hitter for the ‘Dogs from 1984 to 1988. She was ranked 6th in defensive saves in her senior year.

With only 12 units left to complete her degree, Spigelmyre said she left Fresno State to work as a physical therapy aid after her fourth year. She later graduated in 2000 with her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology. Spigelmyre, 43, lives in Fresno and has worked as a parole agent for the California Department of Corrections since 1997.

In her four years on the team, Spigelmyre was most impacted by coach Leilani Overstreet.

Spigelmyre coached a high school volleyball team after her time at Fresno State. She can no longer play due to back injuries sustained during her college athletic career, she said.

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