Best? Scariest? Worst? Halloween memories

Marina Gaytan / The Collegian

As the most haunted day on the calendar year rolls in this weekend, California State University, Fresno students recollect their fondest and scariest Halloween memories.

For some students, their favorite time of the year when they were younger was Halloween. It’s the time of the year when people can be whoever they want to be and get candy for it.

As children, some students said they would wear comedic costumes rather than scary ones.

While some students enjoyed dressing up and doing the traditional rounds of trick-or-treating, other students said the thing they enjoyed about Halloween were the practical jokes people played on one another.

Every year college students get the chance to dress up and party. However they feel, Halloween parties are a huge occurrence in the Central Valley, giving some Fresno State students a good excuse to wear costumes.

Lauren Goin and Macae Coleman

Freshman Lauren Goin said her most memorable Halloween was when she dressed as Big Bird. Her friend Macae Coleman, a junior health science major, said she trick-or-treated as a purple crayon when she was still living in Massachusetts.

Marina Gaytan / The Collegian

Chris Bliss

Chris Bliss, a post-graduate student who’s waiting for his teaching credentials, said every year he would be a different character for Halloween and attend some friends’ house parties.

“I was a [scottish person] a few times, complete with a kilt. I also have a suit of armor that I wore once,” he said. “I once dressed up as Captain Morgan, but it ended up backfiring on me because I was the only one drinking the rum.”

Marina Gaytan / The Collegian

Danny Vo

Interdisciplinary health and rehabilitation sciences major Danny Vo said he said his older sisters took away the enjoyment of Halloween with their practical jokes.

“I don’t like Halloween. I’m a big wuss,” Vo said with a laugh. “My sister would dress up every year in something and then pop out of nowhere to scare me.”

Marina Gaytan / The Collegian

Jia Lu

Food and nutritional sciences major Jia Lu on the other hand, enjoyed her own Halloween prank experience.

During a trick-or- treat trip when she was younger, she walked to a house with a stuffed scarecrow sitting by the door. When she reached for a handful of candy, the scarecrow jumped to its feet as if it had just sprung to life. “That was pretty scary, but it was a lot of fun,” Lu said.

Coincidentally, the scarecrow currently attends classes at Fresno State.

Marina Gaytan / The Collegian

Chris Wilson

Junior kinesiology major Chris Wilson said his favorite Halloween memory was when he and his cousins would dress up as scarecrows, stay outside of their houses and then come to life to scare trick-or-treaters.

“My favorite reaction was when a couple of parents walked up with their little kid and we ended up scaring the parents more than the kid,” Wilson said. “They were screaming and the lady hit one of us. It was awesome!”

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