Jul 07, 2020

Reader survey offers advice

Infographic by Michael Uribes / The Collegian

The results are in. From mid-February until mid-April of this semester, The Collegian Online conducted its first-ever online readership survey. Approximately 450 readers visited The Collegian Online and participated in a 15-question survey.

Nearly 42 percent of those that participated were Fresno State students and 39 percent were faculty and 9.5 percent were staff. Now that the survey has closed, The Collegian is ready to share its findings.

Results from the survey showed that news, features and opinion are the sections most read on a regular basis, 77.9 percent, 50.8 percent and 48.6 percent respectively for each. The typical Collegian reader is a female student aged 18-22. Exactly 70 percent of the total participants in the survey were female and approximately 33 percent were ages 18-22.

The overwhelmingly surprising result was the lack of awareness about The Collegian Online, the student-run Web site affiliated with The Collegian’s print edition.

In the survey, the last two questions allowed readers to leave comments about how both the online version and print version of The Collegian could be improved. Many of the responses for the online were as follows:

“I did not realize The Collegian was online,” said one respondent. “Could you send out a bulletin announcing it?”

“I was not aware there was an online version,” another respondent said. “Send links through e-mail or bulletinboard.”

Overall the responses to both of the final questions on the survey were positive.

“The quality of the print version has steadily increased over the past few years,” said a respondent. “I love the real investigative news stories that appear from time to time, always good to hold people’s feet to the fire! That is the main function of the paper or should be! So job well done, and keep doing the investigative reporting!”

“I am impressed with the quality and professionalism of The Collegian Online, thanks!” another respondent said.

The biggest criticism voiced by many responses was the lack of concern readers feel The Collegian has for the environment.

“Change the distribution method. It is horribly hypocritical to print out hundreds of papers with a story on how to protect the environment,” said one respondent.

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