Letters to the editor

Veterans need support

Homeless, psychological problems and family strains are becoming more commonly seen among war veterans returning from Afganistan and Iraq.

Young men and women who fight to protect our rights, are heroes among American citizens and I feel it is our obligation to make sure they live healthy lives while recovering from war traumas many Americans have never themselves experienced.

Barack Obama has declared that some of the funding increases in his proposed budget for veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for America. Men and women in armed forces are our protectors and deserve every bit of respect and help that can be offered to them. Whatever Americans can offer veterans of foreign affairs is righteous, and I feel it is our duty as American citizens to give back to those people and their families who have given so much to our country.

Kaylan Polard
Livestck Production Major

How lazy can we be?

Going to college is definitely a big step in our lives. Some of us are moved away from our homes into the dorms or in apartments nearby. With all the stress of not having mom and dad around to make dinner and take care of us we gain the “freshman 15.”

The Residence Dining Hall (RDH) offers a variety of decent meals every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No they are not home cooked meals like mom used to make but the staff at the RDH works hard to feed hundreds of students each day.

Though, what disgusts me the most about the RDH is the occasional used plates left on the tables. How lazy can we students be? The RDH has a system in which they respectfully ask that students to throw their leftover food into the garbage and place their plates on the counter in the back.

There are times I walk in to eat my meal and tables all over are covered in used plates with half eaten food on them. If the majority of you want to refrain from the “freshman 15” I suggest you get your laziness in check and start with a short walk to the back of the RDH to put your dishes away.

Trevor Richter

Not a lifestyle decision

In the recent article, “The Skinny of Men’s Jeans,” I found the quote, “they just look homo, I would never consider putting them on” to describe a student’s opinion about blue jeans quite offensive and socially unacceptable.

Fresh of the controversy of Proposition 8 in the last election and most recently Vermont’s ruling that to deny gay marriage is unconstitutional, The Collegian should choose their quotes in better taste.

To stand by and not only perpetuate a distorted image, but to use such a quote as an acceptable opinion of Fresno State’s students sets this newspaper back at least four decades.

Here is a fact for you: being homosexual is NOT a lifestyle decision, there is any underlying biological reason for homosexuality. The Collegian staff should not stand by discrimination against people simply because of who they are.

As Fresno State students and member of this great community, we must stick together and fight injustices and discrimination or we will never find improvement. We will never find tolerance. We will never find acceptance.

Amanda Tang

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