ASI candidates campaign in teams

Numerous people campaigning for Associated Student Inc. (ASI) positions are now coming together and joining forces to develop platforms as groups.

With elections starting Tuesday, there are two heavy power campaigning groups “For Students Who Deserve More” and “Party for Education, Direct Reform, and Objectives (P.E.D.R.O.).”

“It’s a collective campaign effort…to inform students what visions we hold for the future of ASI and the direction we’d like to see ASI go,” said Lauren Johnson, who is the current vice president of finance and part of For Students Who Deserve More.

A perk of advertising together is that all members share a common platform, while also maintaining individual goals for the given positions they are running for.

“It works well to run together because you create more resources when you run together,” said Jessica Sweeten, who is running for ASI president and also a member of Johnson’s group.

“We know that together, we can continue to be a great asset to ASI.”

Thus, it is like running with several running mates. It brings candidates together under a common purpose and goal, which allows for an easier means of promoting.

Tom Boroujeni is currently running for the ASI position of president and is the founder of the group P.E.D.R.O.

In starting his campaign Boroujeni wanted to be able to hand pick people to run with him, in hopes that if he is elected to office, that people voting for him will also vote into office the other members of his campaign group.

If other members of P.E.D.R.O. are elected alongside him, Boroujeni believes that change will be allowed to happen.

Currently, Hector Cerda, a candidate for the office of vice president of finance, is Boroujeni’s right hand man along with eight others who are running for senate positions.

Cerda believes that the group campaigning strategy can be difficult at times, but believes that by working together they all have a better chance of getting into office and a great opportunity to work alongside one another.

“When I am out campaigning I ask students that if they vote for me to vote for the other students on our slate because we all see eye to eye,” said Cerda.

“The advantage in working with a group is that if I run on the same slate with other like minded students then I feel we can make an actual change in our student government.”

Collectively, the members of P.E.D.R.O. have each been assigned targeted areas for campaigning where they pass out flyers with their ten point platform and are also promoting their website

In similar fashion, the members of For Students Who Deserve More are campaigning on the Web and promoting that their group be elected to office through other mediums.

This group consists of Johnson, who is running for re-election to her current position; Jessica Sweeten, running for the office of president; and Alex Andreotti, who is running for a senator at-large position.

And while there are only three that make up For Students Who Deserve More, they believe that their campaign is stronger than ever and simply trying to bring a new vision to ASI.

“Our common goal is to continue the shared governance model implemented this school year,” said Andreotti. “ASI’s motto is ‘Students Serving Students,’ and this is done through student representatives on campus committees.”

Andreotti, Sweeten and Johnson are all somehow involved in the current ASI and believe new change has already begun, but they still have a new vision for next years’ student government and see endless possibilities for the future.

However, members of the P.E.D.R.O. group believe that the current and past structure of ASI have been nothing but bad news.

“Right now people are not putting in the time and the whole point of P.E.D.R.O. is for students to feel like they are getting more because they deserve a lot more,” Boroujeni said.

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