Jun 01, 2020

2009 ASI election results announced

Next year’s Associated Students Inc. (ASI) senate will be voting on whether or not senators should receive stipends, as the referendum establishing the consideration of senator stipends passed, 704-365.

Passing of the referendum does not create any new fees, but rather suggests to the senate to take a vote regarding senator stipends. The current ASI senate put forth the referendum on this year’s ballot because they recognize that student senator positions do demand considerable time and effort to complete effectively their assigned duties and responsibilities. ASI also views a stipend as a way to encourage students to participate in the organization.

“I think it’s great that students considered that senators should be compensated for their hard work,” said Lauren Johnson, newly re-elected Vice President of Finance (VPF).

Jessica Sweeten, who was elected to the position of ASI president agrees, but urges the senate and her fellow ASI executives to be cautious when making their decision about the referendum next year.

“It’s great to be able to even consider senate stipends as an option, and other universities are paying their senators, but then again those other schools have much larger budgets than we do,” Sweeten said. “When we vote we will have to be mindful of our budget, which is much smaller, and be thinking about how we are going to hold senators more accountable.”

For this year’s ASI election, voter turnout was about the same as last year’s election. 1,303 students total voted this year compared to 1,371 students last year.

Current Executive Vice President Jessica Sweeten was elected to the position of ASI president, with 574 votes.

Johnson was re-elected to the position of Vice President of Finance, with 611 votes, the highest number of votes for any candidate in any of the races.

Brie Witt, Debbie Munroe, Cesar Sanchez and Mathew Todd, who all ran unopposed, were elected to their senate positions. Witt will be the new senator for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology.

Munroe is the new senator for the Kremen School of Education. Sanchez is the senator for the Craig School of Business. Todd is the senator for the Lyles College of Engineering.

Nine students were elected to the senator at-large position. They include Alex Andreotti, Clifton Wahlberg, Cody Madsen, Siena Farensi, Melissa Mata, Maddie Shannon, Eduardo Rodriguez, Julianne Phillips and Peter Cassaca.

Election results

The ASI senator compensation referendum passed 704 ‘yes’ votes to 365 ‘no’ votes.

Jessica Sweeten 574
Tom Boroujeni* 325
Jaz Kamboj 263

VP Finance
Lauren Johnson 611
Hector Cerda* 371
Ezra Payton 119
Joe Cha 64

Ag Sciences and Technology
Brie Witt 99

Health and Human Services
Jaime Krause 129
Erica Sanchez (write-in)* 78

Kremen School of Education
Debbie Monroe 71

Science and Mathematics
Jonathon Thompson* 18

Social Sciences
Jamie San Andres* 108

Arts and Humanities
Charissa Thompson (write-in)* 98

Craig School of Business
Cesar Sanchez 145

Lyles College on Engineering
Mathew Todd 44

Alex Andreotti 457
Pedro Ramirez* 443
Amy Wilson* 408
Clifton Wahlberg 399
Luis Sanchez* 391
Alexandro Garcia* 368
Cody Madsen 352
Slena Farnesi 306
Melissa Mata 303
Maddie Shannon 291
Eduardo Rodriguez 224
Julianne Phillips 223
Peter Casacca 162
Oscar Perez (write-in) 47

*Due to a Student Court ruling, students with a * have been disqualified.

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