Student fees to go up 10 percent

Fresno State is being forced to make new plans in adjusting to the country’s economic crisis.

University President John D.Welty said, in a video posted on Fresno State News, that the university is awaiting the passing of the state and federal budgets for education, before making any final decisions.

“We’re making progress getting the budget established for 2009-10, but there still remains continued uncertainty,” Welty said in his video address.

However, the most recent proposed budget is most likely to see an $8.8 million cut.

The budget is pending on the passing of federal legislature’s passing of a $10 billion education plan, $50 million of which would be issued to the California State University system and $3 million which would be received at Fresno State.

In order to reduce the high cuts, it has been proposed to increase student fees by 10 percent, which would cover $4.5 million of the cut.

There is also the possibility that class sizes will increase as a result of the elimination of nearly 100 low-enrollment classes. Many part-time teachers will not be rehired as well and overall enrollment may decrease by 500-600 students.

The budget is only a proposal and will not be finalized until anywhere from late April to early June, Welty said.

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