Jan 17, 2020

Library now open, but will students use it?

Since the start of the re-construction of the Henry Madden Library, checking out books required a request from the library, and then the book would be sent from the warehouse where they were being stored, followed by an e-mail sent when the book was ready to be picked up.

Now that the library is finished, checking out will change.

The warehouse that was storing the books is now out of the picture, because now, all those books fit in the new building.

When asked about checking out books, senior mass communication and journalism student Markus Collazo said, “I know how to check books out online, and I have been to a library before, so it can’t be more than finding a selection and bringing it to the counter.”

Fresno State students have become accustomed to not having a library.

“I have been here since the Fall of 2005, so I have technically never had a library here on campus,” Collazo said.

“I have gotten along pretty well without one. Now it is going to be weird to actually have a library. I can no longer use the lack of a library as an excuse to my parents if I don’t get good grades.”

Coffee a bigger draw than books?

Ever since the ribbon-cutting and official opening of the library Collazo feels now he will probably head over there a couple times a week to study in between classes.

“If I’m on campus and need to do some homework or I have some spare time to catch up on reading I’ll be there,” Collazo said.

“Also, I plan on taking advantage of the Starbucks like everybody else.”

Transfer student and business major Mike Barnett says, “Back home in Los Angeles, I never really used a library. Even growing up, I had a field trip to the public library, but I never went there on my own accord,” Barnett said.

“I don’t even know what hoops I have to jump through to check out a book. I am sure it is going to be nice to have, but what I am looking forward to is the Starbucks in between classes.”

The bare necessities

Barnett explained his lack of desire to use the library.

“I honestly don’t think I will be at the library much, because the only books I need are my textbooks and I have those,” he said.

Barnett elaborated, “If I need to read in peace I will be hanging out outside the library on a hill, reading by the light of the giant screen on the outside of the library, enjoying nature.”

Many students’ use of the library will depend on their instructors.

“My instructors will play a big part in my use of the library,” Barnett said.

“If they need me to read books that I have to check out, then, yes, the library becomes more important to me,” he said.

“Other than that I really only see myself making an appearance or two.”

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