Letters to the editor

Pro-environment or not?

Is our community putting forth sufficient efforts to “go green”? I go to the grocery store at least once a week and they always ask whether I want paper or plastic bags, but should we have the choice? I realize that when directly compared, plastic bags are much more efficient in both cost and performance, but should plastic bags cost us our environment?

This great invention has been found on countrysides all over the world as well as floating in the oceans posing a threat to marine life. This may not seem like a significant problem, but we must keep in mind the long-term effects small things will have on our planet.

The plastic bag has too many uses to be completely abandoned and the paper bag is costly and not efficient. In order to prevent environmental disaster, the use of plastic bags must be greatly reduced and we must move toward environmentally friendly reusable bags.

Chelsie Grossman

True meaning of volunteering

The definition of a volunteer is one who offers services of their own will. However, as college students, we all understand that there are classes when community service is required.

How are we expected to fulfill those requirements when the community is unwilling to accept our services?

I had a horrible experience trying to volunteer at a women and children’s shelter. As soon as I settled into the administrative building and stated to the receptionist that I was there looking to volunteer, I felt a sense of hostility. I felt my services were unwanted.

It was necessary that I get fingerprinted, pass a background test and get a TB shot. It had dawned on me the reason for their hostility is that college students who do come to volunteer in the past did not take the opportunity seriously or did not even complete the requirements.

After completing the necessary requirements to volunteer, I was rejected again. The whole process seemed like a prank. Is the community simply rejecting our volunteering services because we’re inexperienced and without a degree?

I hope that all college students who decide to volunteer please take the opportunity seriously so the rest of us will not have to suffer in order to offer help to the community.

Chow Her

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