Former Fresno State track coach alleges gender discrimination

Keith Kountz / Athletic Media Relations

Little more than a year after a trio of gender discrimination cases costing the university more than $16 million, and just months after settling out of court with softball coach Margie Wright, Fresno State has another discrimination lawsuit on its hands.

Ramona Pagel, an assistant coach for the Fresno State track team, says she will be filing a complaint within the next few days.

Pagel is claiming the university committed gender discrimination when it did not ask her to interview for either the head coaching or assistant coaching jobs she applied for last year.

According to Betty Mosher, senior associate athletic director, the university does not comment on lawsuits.

Pagel said she applied for the job after former head coach Bob Fraley resigned at the end of last season.

She had served as an assistant coach for three seasons prior to her application, serving as the men’s and women’s throws coach, and was not rehired for this position either.

Pagel is a former Olympian and, over the summer, served as a trainer for Kim Kreiner, a competitor in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Pagel’s attorney is Warren Paboojian.

Paboojian has previously represented former women’s basketball coach Stacy Johnson-Klein and former associate athletic director Diane Milutinovich in their lawsuits against Fresno State.

The university agreed to pay Johnson-Klein $9 million over 25 years during when they arrived at a settlement in June 2008.

Milutinovich settled with the university for $3.5 million in Oct. 2007.

Paboojian asserts that the university had no reason for not rehiring Pagel, given her athletic credentials and that she did not receive any negative performance reviews.

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