Dec 15, 2019

ABC 30’s Osborne visits

In an industry that is constantly changing, Nancy Osborne has remained a constant in the Central Valley for more than 32 years.

Osborne will be featured as part of the College of Arts and Humanities Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series on Tuesday, Feb. 10. Her lecture, titled, “So YOU wanna be a broadcast journalist?” will focus on her own personal career as well as the industry.

“I want to give students a clear picture of how competitive and difficult it is to sustain a career in journalism,” Osborne said.

Osborne said being born and raised in the military has helped her throughout her career.

“I credit that upbringing with having a general interest in everything,” she said. “Anyone who is not curious is not suited for this business.”

Osborne attended New Mexico State University for three years. After a five-year pause in her education and the birth of a daughter, she continued her education at Fresno State. She graduated in 1976 with a B.A. in speech communication and began working on her master’s degree.

Osborne broke ground for women

Osborne did not come to her journalism career through her education, but through happenstance, during a time when broadcasters were being forced to put women in their newsrooms.

A manager from local T.V. station ABC 30 recognized Osborne while she was filming commercials for a stereo company—one of a few jobs she held while also juggling graduate school and single parenthood. She turned down an offer for a weather position but took a job as a reporter a year later.

Osborne said staying in one market for an entire career is nearly unheard of.

“The deal about this job is that wherever you start is not likely where you will end up,” Osborne said.

Dale Yurong, an ABC 30 reporter and anchor who has worked with Osborne for more than 25 years, said her persistence is the key to her success.

“She was one of the first women in the market, being in that position, she had to prove that she belonged,” Yurong said.

Yurong said he has always enjoyed the way Osborne creates her stories.

“She is good at crafting them and that is the way you draw interest from your viewers,” Yurong said.
“Basically, they invite you in their living room each day; if they like what you do, they will keep tuning in.”

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