Nov 19, 2019

Best- and worst-dressed at the Oscars

Photo by McClatchy Tribune

While only a select few were nominated for the 2009 Academy Awards and even fewer won, the one award still up for grabs at the Oscar pre-show is the dreaded worst-dressed label—an award most Hollywood stars do their best to avoid.

Some accomplished this feat with grace and ease, while others made such blatant attacks on the red carpet that they must have wanted the “worst” title.

Tempting fate

One such fashion no-no was committed by Robin Swicord, who collaborated with Eric Roth on the adapted screenplay for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

With the film up for 13 Oscars, you’d think all its participating writers would make greater efforts to keep the good press coming, but with Swicord’s mismatched silky floral print gown and three-fourths sleeve baby blue jacket, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” has one “Love Guru”-like blemish on its otherwise spotless record.

As for the worst-dressed male, my vote goes to Mickey Rourke, whose comeback performance in “The Wrestler” may have been award winning, but whose white suit and shades combo was overreaching.

Photo by McClatchy Tribune

Eye candy

Of course, not every outfit was as disastrous as Swicord’s or Rourke’s.

Natalie Portman’s lilac purple gown, for example, combined with her poise and lack of need to do ridiculous hand-on-hip and kisses-over-the-shoulder poses like Miley Cyrus, gave her the elegance of a modern princess. All those years playing Queen Amidala in “Star Wars” really paid off.

Another best dressed winner was singer John Legend, who, like Portman, kept his composure around the cameras. Rourke could take some pointers from Legend, whose simple black suit came off classy, rather than trashy.

Photo by McClatchy Tribune

Photo by McClatchy Tribune
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