Introducing The Collegian on MySpace

The Information Highway diverges in the blue glow of the computer screen. One path leads to knowledge of a serious kind, the kind presented here, on The Collegian Online. The other, more travelled path leads to the many entertainment options the Web has birthed.

The Collegian decided it was time to be a part of that, too, through social networking site MySpace.

Most of what goes on at The Collegian goes unseen by our readers. In reporting the news, writers and editors alike have run into some unusual situations. Sometimes, we create our own unusual situations. The staff would like to share some of those experiences with readers — experiences like the one pictured here. That would be election night, when some of the men decided to toast president-elect Obama with jalapeno shots.

Currently, we also have videos from an excursion to the Fresno Fair. We encourage our readers to comment and make suggestions, and we encourage former staff members to chime in with their favorite memories of The Collegian.

The new Web site can be reached at Check back often for new videos.

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