Nov 15, 2019

The struggle and the progress

Nobama? Obama? Yes, we can? Oh, yes, he did.

For the first hour, the diverse group of people ate confidently at tables and even sipped on some wine as they watched the states on the big screen turn blue or red. Children ran under tables. Screened t-shirts with Obama’s face decorated the room.

One KMJ reporter was walking around tables and interviewing people.

“I have voted Republican my whole life,” a woman said. “I never thought I’d be sitting at a Democratic party.”

“It’s a different world,” her friend said.

“It will be tomorrow,” the reporter said.

As a journalist, I am to be unbiased, but I couldn’t help but feel happy.

When Obama was announced president, the rooms were overcome with emotion. Older women cried at tables.

They’ve been waiting for this.

One gentleman’s shirt caught my attention. It had Martin Luther King, Jr., and Obama on it. Above MLK, Jr.’s picture, it read: “It was his dream.” Below Obama’s picture, it read, “And now he’s living the dream.”

Very true, my friend. Very true.

Paige Ricks was reporting live from the Democratic Election Night Coverage meeting at the Holiday Inn in downtown Fresno.

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