Aug 05, 2020

Odd jobs have their ups and downs, too

Ryan Tubongbanua / The Collegian

Fresno State may prepare students for their careers in the future, but there are a number of “odd” jobs on campus one might enjoy as well.

What do you do when there is a shortage of envelopes on campus? You recall them, said John Hoyt, the manager for support services.

“We printed 20,000 envelopes about 18 months ago and now we have no more to distribute.” Hoyt said. “By issuing the recall, we hope to be able to stretch university finances as far as possible before having to order the specialty envelopes again and have them printed.”

He does not go door to door asking for extra envelopes. He simply sends out a bulletin board message to faculty and staff asking them to send any envelopes to Mail Services.

Hoyt explained that he is not the envelope guy and that it is not his primary duty to go around seeing who has extra envelopes. It is merely one of the many tasks he must perform as manager.

“Since I am the only one authorized in my area to send bulletin board messages out, periodically it becomes necessary to recall as many unused intercampus mail envelopes back in for redistribution to the campus” Hoyt said.

His department also handles Mail Services, Printing Services, Warehouse and Receiving, University Property Clerk, University Surplus and the campus movers. He has been in this position for seven years.

Students seeking employment might find rewarding work as an Energy Bulldog. The position allows students to burn off their own energy simply by turning stuff off.

Every summer, Facilities Management hires four students to aid in the conservation of energy by going from building to building turning off non-essential equipment.

“We turn off lights on the campus during the summer,” said student Brittany Holley. “We also encourage staff to use the natural light for their summer classes to conserve energy.”

Just like any job, this one has its ups and downs.

“The best part is that our work crew is like a little family,” Holley said. “The worst is walking around on hot days.”

During it’s first year, the program saved the school $35,000 per month.

The position is only offered during the summers but Holley said it pays well.

“You must come on time and make sure the lights in unused areas are off and bring lots of sunscreen and good tennis shoes,” she said.

Facilities Management also handles a Lock Shop. Two people are in charge of keeping more than 20,000 keys to the more than 5,000 locks on campus. The two-man crew makes sure that the keys are where they should be and the locks, door hardware and automatic door openers are well kept.

However, they do not dispense, track or recover keys. A separate department, Key Control, handles that.

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