New execs in office

Photos by Juan Villa / The Collegian

A new president and executive vice president were instated by a majority vote at Wednesday’s ASI Senate meeting.

Graham Wahlberg, former college of engineering senator, is now president and Beatriz Campuzano, former senator-at-large, is the new executive vice president.

Wahlberg, a senior construction management major, said his focus is on increasing parking availability on campus and decreasing student fees.

Money, parking, transparency goals of new president

In his speech to the senate on Wednesday afternoon, Wahlberg stressed his desire to bring these improvements to the students.

“I am under the impression that students should really keep their own money,” Wahlberg said. “They should not be increasing fees. They should not be giving money to things they don’t believe in.”

Wahlberg said in his speech that he would like to get the money back into the students’ hands as quickly as possible.

Juan Villa / The Collegian

He is focused on increasing the amount of parking for students on campus.

“There is a big push to build parking structures and to get parking and the flow of traffic in a way to where we can get 23,000 students [here],” Wahlberg said. “We need to show administration here that it is a big issue and needs to get done as soon as possible.”

Wahlberg said that he is also supportive of an open and transparent presidency.

He closed by telling the Senate how passionate he is about Fresno State.

“My greatest strength is my passion for this campus. I love Fresno State,” Wahlberg said. “I look forward to serving you and I look forward to leading you. And this is a great time for Fresno State.”

Vice president seeks to create ASI team

Campuzano, an agricultural education major, is also the chair of the activities committee for ASI and coordinates the ASI tailgates.

She would like to make ASI a family by bringing togetherness, support and trust.

“How cool would it be to have a place where everyone’s opinions were welcomed?” Campuzano said. “A place where everyone felt they were supported by one another and a place where students always came first.”

She said that the senate could accomplish that by knowing its purpose, valuing people, taking action and serving others.

She also said that her primary goal is for the senate to increase communication within itself and with the students.

“All of that is for the betterment of the students, which is why we’re here,” Campuzano said.

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