Feb 24, 2020

Color Me Blind

Fresno State artists’ showcase exhibits a unique spin on art — a color wheel deems the fate of their art in the Colour Blind Collection

Several Fresno State students will have their artwork featured in an upcoming ArtHop showcase to be held in downtown Fresno.

The-one day event is called the Colour Blind Collection. It will feature eight local artists, each of whom make contributions to the group presentation.

Fresno State student Samuel Tekunoff, a graphic design major, organized the event.

“[The Colour Blind Collection] is a community-based collection of different artists that will hopefully educate artists and anyone who comes,” Tekunoff said.

He said that it will be the second art annual show.

Random colors inspire artists

“Each artist was randomly given a color from the color wheel that must appear in their artwork,” Tekunoff said. “The museum will resemble a color wheel.”

Uriel Tekunoff, Samuel’s brother, will also be featured in the event

“The colors represent emotions,” Uriel Tekunoff said. “You can take a look at the piece and get a feel for the artist’s emotion.”

Each artist will have five pieces of his or her color-driven art on display.

“This event is practically the first of its kind,” Samuel Tekunoff said.

Artists employ range of techniques

Samuel Tekunoff is also contributing his own work to the showcase.

“My specialty is computer-manipulated photography,” Samuel Tekunoff said. He explained that white is the color he was assigned for the project, and that he photographed a woman dressed in all white.

“In each piece she is in a different pose, a different direction, and wearing a different top,” Samuel Tekunoff said.

By using his “computer-manipulated photography” skills, he makes the subject in his artwork almost disappear.

Uriel Tekunoff, an engineering major, calls his art style a multi-layered stencil technique that is close to urban art.

He explained that he takes a photo, and then uses a stencil to allow only parts of the photo to come through for a very unique effect. His assigned color for the project was red.

“I think it will be a real nice and light experience,” Uriel Tekunoff said. “[The event will be held] in two rooms, but it will be wide open.”

Other featured art mediums on display will include collage, acrylics and spray paint.

Colour Blind Collection

Don’t miss out on eight local artists showcasing their unique art in a group presentation.

• The event will be held at the DeRouchey Creative Design Studio at 1803 S. Van Ness Ave.

• October 2 at 5 p.m.

• Free to the general public.

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