Jul 09, 2020

Bulldog Card unveiled

The I.D. card that Fresno State students are used to got a major makeover this semester right down to its name.

The I.D. card, which was formerly called the “Keycard,” has been renamed the Bulldog Card. It is the same card given to all new students, but now with more features.
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The name change, according to Linda Simmons, manager at the Bulldog Card office, was initiated because they wanted to give the card a title that related to the university.

“We needed to give it a name and we wanted to keep it in the same spirit as the campus,” Simmons said.

New machines intended to provide increased options

Students can now directly add money to their Bulldog Card, Simmons said. Once the money is added to the card, it takes the form of Bulldog Bucks that can be used around campus.

The cards are available for all students, faculty and staff on campus.

The Bulldog Bucks can currently be added to the cards at two campus fill locations, called PHIL stations, Simmons said. One is located on the second floor of the University Student Union (USU) and the other is in the Peters Building in room 133.

Simmons said that money can be deposited in the form of credit card or cash, but change is no longer accepted. The new machines are touch-screen and offer the option of a printed receipt for the transaction.

Students are also able to check the balance on their Bulldog card at these machines, Simmons said.

Blackboard interface still developing

Deposits can also be made on students Blackboard accounts, Simmons said, but it takes some navigating because there is not a direct link on the main page at this time.

“It’s a new system, and that is something we are working on, but you have to do a lot of clicking to get to it right now,” Simmons said.

The Blackboard account only accepts credit card deposits with a minimum amount of $20. This minimum amount is also effective at the PHIL stations when using a credit card. However, the minimum deposit for cash is only one dollar.

“Bulldog Bucks” uses include food, printing

The Bulldog Bucks are accepted in the food court in the downstairs area of the USU, including the snack shop by the bowling alley.

Simmons also said that the cards are required for printing on campus. When the card is swiped at the printing and copy machines and the money is deducted from the Bulldog Bucks. Wireless printing is now accessible with these cards also.

Kanchan Chetal, a sophomore computer science major, said she uses the new system mainly for printing.

“[The old machine] wasn’t working at times,” Chetal said. “I’ve been here for two years so it was a
hard time for those who don’t have a printer at home.”

Mark Lewis, a senior nursing major, attempted to use the new machine earlier this week but his card would not work. He said he will probably use the Bulldog Bucks this semester because he will be on campus more.

“This semester I actually have 14 units so I probably will be spending more time here,” Lewis said.

Refund policy undetermined

Simmons said that the Bulldog Bucks carry over from semester to semester but need to be used before students graduate.

Although there is not a set policy at this time regarding the expiration of Bulldog Bucks, Simmons advises students to use the money because it cannot be refunded.

“When people put money on their card, we anticipate they will use it,” Simmons said.

University Controller Chris Robinson added that a refund policy is in the works and remains a priority.

“It really needs to be determined quickly,” Robinson said. “We will get the word out as soon as that is decided.”

Guests on campus can purchase a Bulldog Bucks Card for one dollar at the PHIL systems and use it like a Bulldog Card. Simmons said the Bulldog Bucks Cards are also refillable at the stations after purchase.

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