The One-Finger Salute

Thumbs up to the Fresno State softball team. Margie Wright got her 1,300th win this weekend, and freshman Morgan Melloh set the Fresno State record for being the pitcher with the most wins in a single season. On top of all that, they swept the New Mexico State Aggies in a three-game series.

Thumbs down to people who still call our school “Fresno State University,” the university-wide cap on students only being able to work 20 hours a week, pop quizzes, MySpace bulletin quizzes, books by James Patterson, books by Anne Rice, anything by Anne Coulter, Fox News, cover songs that butcher their original material, tea that’s been oversweetened, Propel water, sodas that have an imbalance in either syrup or water, sodas that are vended four months after their expiration date, inconsistent administrative emails, the Nielsen rating system, the last three seasons of “Gilmore Girls,” misused references to Shakespeare plays in popular culture, Uwe Boll, gasoline prices, missed deadlines, bad headlines, radical Democrats, radical Republicans, all Libertarians, proposed statewide budget cuts, warped pool tables, overzealous religious leaders and overzealous anti-religious leaders, Condé Nast’s “Vanity Fair,” William Makepeace Thackeray’s “Vanity Fair,” Fashion Fair (especially the parking!), parking on campus, parking away from campus and walking to campus, the “HeadOn” commercial, prepackaged sushi, frozen pizzas, people that spell definitely wrong (there’s a “finite” in there!), when people say “heighth” (P.S. — NOT A WORD!) and pop-ups. Just because we say so.

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