Hit the road Mackin, don’t ya come back

Junior Robin Mackin has decided not to return to Fresno State after redshirting this season to play with the Canadian Olympic team.
Juan Villa / The Collegian

Jim: Fresno State softball player Robin Mackin said she is not returning to Fresno State next season.

Mackin took a year off to train with the Canadian National Softball Team for the Beijing Olympics this summer.

Apparently Mackin said she had been thinking about this for a long time.

I find it quite ironic that Mackin wants to quit as soon as new freshman sensation Morgan Melloh shatters all of her records.

Does she not realize that she and Melloh were going to be the one-two punch next season to bring a national championship back to Fresno State?

Her decision makes no sense to me.

Kim: You have to admit that it isn’t a huge surprise she’s chosen to pursue her options. She’s got talent and another school might be better for her.

It also must have been kind of hard for her to leave for one season and the next thing she knew, a young talent helped people to almost forget her name.

Of course we would never forget her, but her absence wasn’t as detrimental to the team as we thought it would be.

Jim: Mackin said she wants to pursue another option, “possibly at Division I.”

This seems like a slap in the face to the Fresno State program. The Bulldog softball program is one of the best, if not that, in the country.

So what are we Fresno State fans supposed to think when we see Mackin next season wearing the uniform of another school.

If she “loved all the fans and the community support” then why leave? Sounds to me like the lure of the bigger-budget programs may have swayed Mackin.

Kim: Maybe everything Fresno State had just wasn’t enough. She has experienced playing softball at one of the highest levels possible and that probably opened her eyes.

Fresno State was nice, but the exposure at other schools is what she wants.

I agree with the fact that the reputation of Fresno State softball is not a bad one, but maybe it wasn’t enough.

Jim: I don’t think the softball program has anything to worry about though.

Margie Wright is the best coach in the country and knows how to find talent. She will definitely find a new pitching phenom like Mackin and Melloh.

Mackin will probably feel a bit foolish when Fresno State returns to the promised land in Oklahoma City for the NCAA Championships.

Kim: As long as she doesn’t take a season off to play somewhere else, we will have three more seasons of the Melloh attack.

It’s sad to say that not only is this most likely the last time we’ll be writing about Mackin, this is the last time we’ll be writing together.

So, I guess it’s time to say so long to two great things.

With change, though, comes bigger and better.

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