Aug 08, 2020

Welty addresses Earth Day

To: Campus community

From: John D. Welty

Subject: Earth Day

Please join me today in celebrating Earth Day as we consider our role as individuals and as a university community in being good stewards of our resources.

As more of us inhabit the planet, it’s imperative that we all develop habits that help us meet our environmental challenges. Fresno State is committed to setting a good environmental example for the more than 25,000 of us who study, teach and work at Fresno State and for the community we serve.

The agricultural practices on our farm, our 4,000-tree Arboretum, the solar panels on parking stalls in Lot V and recycling efforts throughout the campus are just a few of the ways we underscore our concern about sustainability and the environment.

As I’ve said many times, our favorite colors at Fresno State are cardinal and blue, but we think green looks pretty good, too.

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