Jul 09, 2020

Location counts at Vintage Days

'We are looking forward to having a good turnout this year and some good people,' junior business major Richard Salinas said about the booth that his club, the Hispanic Business Student Association, is putting up this year. Pictured above is the fraternity section of last year’s Vintage Days.The main concern for this year’s booths at Vintage Days is not the hot weather, possibility of rain much like last year, the food preparation, the nighttime events such as Salsa Night or the large flock of crowds.

The location of the booths’ area, safety precautions surrounding them and the money that’s being raised has been the issue at hand.

A few of the many clubs taking part in this year’s festivities shared their concerns before the official kick-off of this weekend’s events.

For the Gamma Zeta Alpha fraternity, who has been a part of the popular April celebration at Fresno State for nearly a decade, the booth’s location was a concern heading into Friday.

“Last year we had a bad spot,” said Andrew Rodriguez, a senior kinesiology major who has worked Vintage Days for four years. “We didn’t have as much clientele as everyone else because we had a far location. Not everyone knew where we where located. We’re near the arts and crafts booths and the other food and games booths this year.”

The fraternity hopes to lure the crowds with chicken taquitos this year. There will be at least five people in the booth at their location.

A safety concern came from the Criminology Club, whose challenge was an electrical outlet nearby last year that created a spark for those close to it.

“We had one outlet near us that blew,” said Kevin Taulbee, a senior criminology major whose club has taken part of Vintage Days for several years. “The fuse blew and there was an inspection that took place after that happened.”

Another gray area of concern for the clubs was the crowd they were going to get. Some crowds were very steady in years past for the clubs, but the hope is that enough money is raised from Friday to Sunday.

“We are looking forward to having a good turnout this year and some good people,” says Richard Salinas, a junior business major. Salinas’ club, the Hispanic Business Student Association, will have at least ten people in their booth.

“This year, we want to try to have fun,” said Rodriguez. “Our crowds are usually very steady. Sometimes we would have a decent crowd. The last few years we haven’t made much. We didn’t always have a good location.”

The main goal for the clubs is to raise enough money through their fundraisers and attract a great amount of people

“I think we are going to be very busy this year,” says Taulbee.

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